‘For customers of entrepreneurs, the ParcelHome is a must-have’ – Johan of Joh Clothing

Johan Van Grimberge is driven, he thinks out of the box and sees an opportunity in everything. So, does he in ParcelHome. The smart mailbox is a game changer for his company Joh Clothing, with which he makes personalised t-shirts and hoodies. He tells us how the ParcelHome helps entrepreneurs move forward.

Casual and Easy

Johan: Joh Clothing started from a retail concept for t-shirts and hoodies that can be worn casually. We use vegan, organic, and fair-trade cotton. Today we do not only focus on individuals, but we also sell B2B. We design and produce clothing for companies, sports clubs, and the hospitality industry. We do everything ourselves and help our customers from A to Z: designing, facilitating the concept to shipping to the end customer.

Where did you first encounter ParcelHome?

Johan: That was very local, I saw the ParcelHome passing by in Sint-Niklaas. I had been looking for a long time for an easy and accessible way for customers to collect their parcels. The ParcelHome is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs who want to be flexible but who are also busy.

JOH Clothing and the luxury of a ParcelHome

The ParcelHome: a Luxury

How do you use the ParcelHome for your business?

Johan: On the one hand, to offer customers the possibility to collect their order at a time that suits them. Thanks to the ParcelHome, I no longer need to be present. Not even in the evening or at night. This relieves me enormously as an entrepreneur.

For the customers, it is also a luxury. They do not have to pay shipping costs, which are only getting more and more expensive nowadays.

On the other hand, suppliers and courier services also deliver in the box. Therefore, I no longer have to be there to wait for parcels.

Would you recommend the ParcelHome to other entrepreneurs and/or customers?

Johan: Yes, it is easy for entrepreneurs. You do not have to constantly monitor the time of delivery. Besides, it is appreciated by the customers. They can drop by at a time that suits them.

For private individuals, the ParcelHome is convenient as well. You no longer have to drive back and forth to postal or collection points. In addition, the smart mailbox is very easy to use. It can be used for various parcels. A plus point is that any courier can use it, so it is not only linked to Bpost.

If you could improve or change anything about the ParcelHome, what would that be?

Johan: A slightly bigger box would be useful in the future. As my company grows, there will also be more parcels that need to be sent out 😉 😉 We are working on that.

We are working on that! Thanks for the nice chat and good luck with JOH Clothing.

Find JOH Clothing on Instagram and Facebook via @Johclothing or on their website.

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