The Great Upgrade

Here at ParcelHome we want to thank you all for the support and patience you have shown us these last couple of months, it has not gone unnoticed. Highlighting our company values – we want to be able to improve continuously and most importantly give our support and care to our respected customers. All in all, we want to make sure you have the best experience with your ParcelHome. Having these values in mind, we have been busy planning and focusing on various aspects such as:

  • Upgrading on firmware in both the ParcelHome and the app
  • Improving the in-app performance
  • Upgrading our customer support
  • Offering special deals to ParcelHome users

Our Travelling Technician

We have a new addition to our team: Stallone, who is our travelling technician. He will be coming to upgrade all ParcelHome boxes in the upcoming months. Stallone will be intervening on all ParcelHome3 boxes to not only improve and update the firmware but also to undertake a complete assessment of technical aspects. Whether you may have been having issues or not, we are aiming to take a thorough look onsite to ensure maximum satisfaction on your end.

In-app performance enhancement

We are excited to share that we have been working very hard to improve the in-app performance. This means you will be able to have a smoother ParcelHome opening experience and easier code management and delegation. These features should be live within a month, so stay tuned!

New customer service helpline

ParcelHome wants to make sure that we are available to answer all your queries, therefore we are adding another customer support telephone number which is for Belgium: +32 15 79 38 77. Feel free to contact us and we look forward in hearing from you.

Special deals for ParcelHome customers

We are thrilled to be joining forces with interesting companies to give you special discounts on many products – whether it’s specialty beer or readymade meals. As our valued customer we are excited to offer you promocodes giving you access to new experiences and amazing offers. As our partnership list keeps growing, keep your eyes open for special deals giving you up to 20% off.