Black ParcelHome in Limburg

‘The ParcelHome is the best investment!’ – Owner of Jolie Jolie

Jolien recently started her own online shop, Jolie Jolie. She sells all kinds of stuff such as decoration and clothing. The Limburg native started her business during the Covid-19 crisis. That was not easy, but the ParcelHome was a huge help in the new life of the young mother.

The Mompreneur

What does Jolie Jolie stand for?

Jolien: Jolie Jolie is the webshop I started in 2020. I focus on decoration, accessories, and clothing. I sell affordable rural, cool, and industrial decoration and trendy accessories and clothing.

Black ParcelHome at an entrepreneur

How did you end up at ParcelHome?

Jolien: I came across one of the advertisements on Facebook and the product immediately appealed to me. I was actively looking for a smart mailbox to offer more flexibility. As a young entrepreneur with a 7-year-old daughter, you always have to be flexible and multi-task. A smart mailbox offers that possibility.

How do you use the parcelbox for your business?

Jolien: Usually, I send the clothes and accessories that customers order, or people come to pick up their order at my place. Now I can do that in the smart letterbox. I place the order in the ParcelHome and give the customers a personal code. Then, the customers can come and collect their parcel whenever they want.

In addition, it is nice to be able to offer this option in times of corona. This way, you don’t have to come into direct contact with dozens of people in one day.

The ParcelHome brings rest

What is the advantage of a smart parcelbox for you?

Jolien: Customers can come whenever they want. My customer satisfaction has gone up since I have the ParcelHome. The customers are very positive about the flexibility that I can offer.

For me, it is also convenient that I am less tied down. It’s less of a hassle. As a young mother, I run around a lot. Add to that a business start-up and some days you do nothing else but run around. The letter and parelbox gives me a lot of flexibility and peace of mind.

Would you recommend the ParcelHome to other entrepreneurs and/or customers?

Jolien: I would definitely recommend this product to other entrepreneurs. It is very convenient. It is the best investment I have made for my company so far.

It also has a lot to offer to private individuals. It gives you freedom because all couriers can deliver to this smart mailbox. The ParcelHome is also quite large so it can hold a lot of things.

If you could improve or change anything about the ParcelHome, what would that be?

Jolien: Not much, I think the ParcelHome is beautiful and good as it is. As I said, it was the best investment I could make for my business.

That’s great to hear! Thanks for the nice chat and good luck with Jolie Jolie.

Find Jolien’s webshop on Facebook via Jolie Jolie Lifestyle.

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