New ParcelHome Website

Explore Our Brand New ParcelHome Website!

The wait is finally over! We are delighted to announce the launch of our new ParcelHome website. Welcome!

The aim of the new website is to provide you with more information and a better service. By browsing through the different webpages, you will get a pretty good idea about what a ParcelHome is and how to install one. Learning about our products is now easier and more user-friendly. It is important for us to uncover all the details about your new smart parcel and letterbox and to make our products and service easily accessible to our current and future customers.

What to expect of the website?

Our new interactive website with improved navigation enables you to easily explore the product, How It Works, Features, Installation, FAQ and our web shop. Amongst all the new features you can now also contact us via the Facebook chatbot on our website.

The page ‘How It Works’ says it all! Discover how the ParcelHome works and how couriers can deliver in your parcelbox by watching the videos.

The myParcelHome gets a prominent place on the new website. Our app gets updated frequently and 2021 promises to become a great year of this important ParcelHome feature. The international team is working on some great new app extensions. Follow our Facebook page to stay up-to-date!

You can install your ParcelHome yourself or have it installed by our installation team. You find out how you do that or what is included in the service on the ‘installation’ page. Besides we explain precisely what materials are included and on which soils and walls you can install your ParcelHome.

Do you still have questions? Find all your answers in our FAQ. We restructured this part to help you better and faster. Do you need more help or do you have a very specific question? Ask us anything via the Facebook chat or

Last but not least, the web shop. It is easier than ever to choose which ParcelHome you want. Choose your colour, click on the type of mounting you prefer and you are ready to go!

Download the infobrochure

Together with the new website, we are also updating the ParcelHome infobrochure. The brochure will contain more information than ever before. This document aims to educate and inspire. Our goal is to provide you with an answer on all your questions regarding the ParcelHome.

The new branding will not only make the brochure prettier but also more consumer-friendly. With clear visuals we try to give you a good understanding of how big the smart letterbox is and on how you can still the box on different types of soil.

Download the brochure

Get inspired

Further, the website now also includes inspirational content such as ‘Parcelstories’. Here you can find inspiring stories of customers as well as the latest news from the parcel sector. Did you know that we never ordered as many parcels as we do to today? And that the ParcelHome is loved by entrepreneurs for the flexibility it brings to their personal and professional lives? Or that couriers like how much time the smart letterbox saves them?

In the section ‘Recent Installations’ you can find inspiration and ideas on where to install your ParcelHome. It would be an honour if we can include your ParcelHome in this gallery!

Let us know what you think!

We request you to suggest what you think about this update. Is there information missing? Can’t you find what you are looking for? Let us know if you have any query or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you and help you.

Celebrate with us and buy your ParcelHome this weekend!

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