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5 Smarter ways to shop in 2021

Have you already set your good intentions for 2021? Do you want to shop locally, eat healthier food or do more for the community and your neighbours? Discover our 5 tips to shop more smarter here:

A Couple is Online Shopping for Parcels

1. Make time for yourself and do not wait for parcels anymore

Waiting for parcels or worrying for lost parcels is not much fun. You can make sure that couriers can deliver 24/7 your parcels and do not have to come back. With a ParcelHome couriers save time and your parcels can always arrive.

Buy Vegetables and Fruits at Your Local Farmer

2. Discover fruit and vegetables from local farmers

Earlier on ParcelStories you read about the Buurderij (EigenBodem in Waasland). But did you know that you can find the Buurderij all over Flanders? Here you can buy products grown or cultivated by farmers in your nieghbourhood. You can find your local farm here: boerenenburen.be

source: www.ontdek.boerenenburen.be

Buy Locally and Shop Smart at Local Shops

3. Buy locally and Shop Smart

After a year such as 2020, many people want to support their local shops. From local bookstores, clothes shops to cheese shops, they can all use our help. If you don’t want to go to the stores physically you can have your local retailer deliver in your ParcelHome.

Find your local shops here:

A Neighbour Delivers a Parcel in her ParcelHome

4. Share with neighbours

Can’t you keep up with eating the eggs of your chickens? Have you made too much jam? Or are you knitting and you can’t stop making scarves? Share your products with your neighbours. Let them pick up your delicacies from your ParcelHome.

DHL Delivers a Parcel

5. Buy more ecologically and consciously

Would you like to shop more consciously online and make the last part of your order as green as possible? That is possible with a ParcelHome. The courier can always deliver and does not have to come back when you are not at home, this means less traffic jams on the road. This is of course better for the environment.

Be ready for 2021 and buy your ParcelHome!