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Get all your parcels home


The PackBox is accessible 24/7 to all carriers. Buy online as usual, the courriers will deliver automatically in the Packbox. Send packages directly from the box.





Open and manage with your smartphone


The myParcelHome app allows you to open the Packbox, and receive and send package. You can also delegate the box to your friends and family and check the history of deliveries.




A beautiful design


The Packbox has been designed for parcel and letter delivery and to integrate harmoniously in its environment, either on a free-standing foot or attached to the wall.


The Packbox has no wire and charges with solar power.





We install for you


Our team of installation specialists will come to your home and install the box for you where you want .


360° view

The Packbox requires no maintenance, in the unlikely event of an issue, our team will intervene quickly on site for free.



All carriers can deliver





Secure thanks to our patented technology


The PackBox has been designed for outdoor use and is vandal resistant. Thanks to Parcelhome’s unique technology all openings are tracked.


Proof of delivery


At each delivery, the name of the courier and the date and time of the delivery are logged. Each delivery is weighed inside the box to ensure full traceability.





Delegate your box to third parties


…Whether it is your family, your friends or your local baker…, you can give access to your box to anyone….


… They will then be able to open the box with their own smartphone.
It is child’s play!