How ParcelHome works

a Bpost courier delivers a parcel in a ParcelHome

1Couriers deliver in your ParcelHome

  • Submit once the access code for each delivery company following our guide. The couriers will then be enabled to open the box every time. Only couriers who you share an access code with can open your parcel box.
  • Every delivery is securely monitored by ParcelHome’s advanced, patented technology tracking each time the ParcelHome is opened.

Open the ParcelHome with your smartphone

2Control your ParcelHome with the myParcelHome app

  • Open your ParcelHome with one click in the app
  • Keep track of deliveries and collections in the app
  • Provide access to trusted people like friends, family or neighbours

A customer takes his parcels out of his smart letterbox

Schedule a collection from your ParcelHome

You can also schedule a collection from your ParcelHome to arrange a pick-up. Simply share a unique access code with the delivery company, just as you would with a delivery. 

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Can I use the ParcelHome 3 as a normal letterbox?

The ParcelHome 3 is equipped with a letter flap and can therefore be used to receive letters through the flap. The letter and parcel containers are shared and the contents can be emptied at the same time.

Do all packages fit in the ParcelHome? What if I have more than one delivery?

The ParcelHome has been designed to accommodate 98% of parcels typically purchased with the largest retailers.

If you are receiving multiple deliveries in a single day, each carrier can open and deliver into the box securely. The combination of the code system with an integrated scale ensures that every access is traced.

In which colours is the ParcelHome available?

The parcel box is available in

  • grey with door colour RAL9006 and frame colour Pantone 445 C and
  • black which is entirely designed in Pantone black C

Please contact if you have specific questions on colour availability.

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