How ParcelHome works

a Bpost courier delivers a parcel in a ParcelHome

1Couriers deliver in your ParcelHome

  • Enabled by our fixed code system, all couriers can open your ParcelHome securely
  • Subsequent deliveries are safe thanks to our patented technology that tracks every access

Open the ParcelHome with your smartphone

2Open your ParcelHome with your smartphone

  • Open your ParcelHome with one click in the myParcelHome app
  • Keep track of the history of deliveries in the myParcelHome app
  • Delegate your ParcelHome to friends, family or neighbours

A customer takes his parcels out of his smart letterbox

Organise a pick-up with your ParcelHome

You can also use the ParcelHome to schedule parcel pick-ups.  Simply provide access codes to couriers just as you would for deliveries.

Delivered tomorrow or installed within a week

Easy to install anywhere. No external power supply or cables required.

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Start receiving packages in your own parcel box and never miss a delivery again.


Can I use the ParcelHome 3 as a normal letterbox?

The ParcelHome 3 is equipped with a letter flap and can therefore be used to receive letters. The letter and the parcel reception are shared and can be emptied in 1 movement.

Do all packages fit in the ParcelHome? What if I have more than one delivery?

The ParcelHome has been designed to accommodate 98% of parcels typically purchased with the largest retailers.

If you are receiving multiple deliveries in a single day, each carrier can open and deliver into the box securely. The combination of the code system with an integrated scale ensures that every access is traced.

Where can I find customer reviews about ParcelHome?

For privacy reasons, we cannot disclose customer addresses. However, you can find pictures of previously installed ParcelHome boxes on the Facebook page @ParcelHome and on our website. You can also read reviews from existing customers on our Facebook page.

Do you have questions? Let us know via or download our brochure. We are happy to help you.