Getting started


This document is valid as of June 5th, 2019. Instructions presented in this document may become obsolete as we release new features and new versions of the app. Please check our website for the latest version of the instruction manual corresponding to your product.

Hardware version: PH3 early 2019, all mounts.

1.   Switching on your ParcelHome 3

Checking the power

Following the installation your ParcelHome 3 should be switched on. To check if the ParcelHome 3 is properly powered up:

  • Press the * on the keypad, the orange light should be active,
  • Type 6 digits at random without pressing * or #, the orange light should be active.

You should get an error code and a red light will appear.

Turning the switch on / resetting your ParcelHome 3

  1. Remove the plug on the underside of the box, on the left when the door is facing you.
  2. Pull the switch towards you if the door is facing you.
  3. After 30-45s the box will flash a green ready light, the box is ready.
  4. Place the plastic plug back into place as this will protect the connectors from water, rodents and dust.


If the keypad is not responsive your ParcelHome is not powered, please see below.

If the green light appears and the door opens, please restart the procedure with another random code. If for each code the green light appears, please contact support.

If the keypad is responsive at first but stops responding after 6 key presses, your unit is faulty and will require to be replaced. Please contact support.

Plugging in the ParcelHome 3

It is possible to power up the ParcelHome 3 with external power and a 6V adaptor. This should be done by an electrician and with the support of ParcelHome team to avoid any product damage.

2.   Connecting your box for the first time via Bluetooth

The ParcelHome 3 needs to be opened at least once via Bluetooth after start-up.

Enable Bluetooth on your phone

In the settings menu of your smartphone.

Download and install the app

You can download the myParcelHome app from the App Store or Play Store.
Install the app.

Set up the app

Make certain you are connected to the internet, open the app and follow the instructions for phone number validation, until you see the name of your box in the blue box.


If Open Box is greyed out or there is a message saying that you have no box, there is no box associated to your phone number. Please contact support.

Connect the app to the box

The Bluetooth does not require pairing

  1. Stand close to the box and open the app.
  2. Wait for the box to mark “box connected”. Then wait for 10 seconds.
  3. Press Open Box once. The red light should flash.
  4. Press Open Box a 2nd time. The green light should flash.


If you do not see “box connected”. Check that the Bluetooth is switched on. If so, switch the Bluetooth off other nearby devices. If the problem continues, you should troubleshoot Bluetooth issues for your model of phone as some phones are prone to Bluetooth connection setup issues.

If you see “box connected”, but no light appears when you open, try again in 2-3 minutes.

Android only: If you still cannot connect, please try to connect using the >Help and Tutorials>Check box health> function.

All phones: If the problem persists, please attempt a synchronization as per section 4, Enabling deliveries.

If the box still doesn’t open, please contact support. Please provide us the model of the phone, and a screenshot of the health status report if available.

3.   Operating your box

You can open the box either by Bluetooth (preferred) or keypad. You will need a phone connected to the internet to generate the code to open the box.

Opening the door via Bluetooth

Open the app when you are near the box, wait till you see the message “Bluetooth connected” in the black bar and press the Open box.

The box will open automatically after 2-3 seconds.

If you attempt to open by Bluetooth and the box doesn’t connect, the app will automatically provide you with a code which you can input by hand.


For security reasons, a code can only be used once in a minute. If you reuse a code the box will not respond.

A code may appear on the screen while you have opened with Bluetooth, if the box opens nonetheless, please ignore the code.

Opening the door with the keypad

To generate an opening code, make sure that the box is not connected to the box via Bluetooth, by turning the Bluetooth off. Press Open Box.
You will see a 6-digit code, to input on the keypad. In case of a mistake press * to restart.

Delivery alerts

To receive delivery alerts your app needs to be running in the background. You will receive a delivery when you are in the vicinity of the box.

Note: during the installation / first opening of the app, you need to grant permissions to the app to send you notifications.

Closing the door

The door should remain closed when not in operation as an open door can drain power.

Please close the door with a firm push for the latch to close. You will see a green ready light 2-3 seconds after you close the door, confirming it locked the door properly.


If you close the door immediately after you open the door, the box will open a 2nd time to avoid mistaken closing.

Opening the door in case of system failure

In case of total system failure contact for detailed analysis.

4.   Enabling deliveries

Generate codes

Select the Handle Fixed codes button and press the + button.

This will generate a code for delivery you can pick from 3 types of codes:

  • Use only once
  • Can deliver only if the box has been emptied by you before. This means that the person cannot deliver if there is already an item inside.
  • Can deliver even if someone has delivered before – this will enable multiple deliveries per day, but means people can open if there is a content.

Synchronize codes

Get close to the box and synchronize the codes by pressing the sync button or circular arrows in the upper right corner. The codes should have a green dot next to them.

Before synchronization:

After synchronisation:


Each time you sync the codes, you will re-write the codes with the current app. Therefore, you may re-activate “Open and destroy” codes.

Informing carriers

Please refer to our website for the most up-to-date information on how to set-up the solution for carriers and websites.

Special delivery systems

If you have special delivery agreements, couriers can use NFC and QR codes on the topsheet. Please contact to enquire about this system.

5.   Giving and rescinding access to friends and family

Friends and family

You will need mobile phone numbers for each box delegate.

You can give access to anyone with a mobile phone. Please follow the Authorize someone menu.

6.   Delivery and access data

Delivery/Retrieval information

The ParcelHome unit logs and stores all information regarding deliveries:

  • The delivery codes used to open the door
  • The times at which the door was opened and closed
  • An evaluation of the weight of the contents before and after the delivery
  • An evaluation of the temperature inside the box
  • An evaluation of the charge of the battery and of the solar panel activity.

Other information

Your main app activity is stored on our servers.

Visibility of data to parties

The delivery data and valid delivery codes are available to all people who are authorized to open the box. The data regarding authorizations on the box is restricted to people with admin rights.

Use of information

ParcelHome; employees may automatically analyse the data produced on the box to check system integrity.


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7.   Taking care of your ParcelHome 3

Physical and battery

Please make sure that your ParcelHome 3 is kept clean externally and free of nests.

On Android you can access the main health metrics of your box with Help and tutorials>Check health of your box

8.   Online and app support

Contact us to report a problem: