Fixed Codes

What are fixed codes?

In order to enable companies who do not yet have devices which display the ParcelHome delivery codes, we have released the ParcelHome 3 Fixed Codes System.

Setting up ParcelHome 3 Fixed codes

Setting up the app

Please download the latest version of the myParcelHome app from the App Store or the Play Store.

In the ParcelHome app press ‘+’ to add a new code and determine the levels of rights:

  1. To allow deliveries at any time
  2. To allow deliveries only when the box has no prior deliveries (preferred)
  3. To allow a one-time access

Synchronising the code

Following the obtention of the code online, you need to connect to your box by Bluetooth to ensure that the authorisations are up to date.

Informing websites

Note: Your delivery preferences need to be changed on the merchants’ websites to come into effect.


For Bpost, you can choose for all your packages to be delivered in your ParcelHome. Please follow the procedure:

Select: Delivery in a safe place
Fill in comment: “Use ParcelHome Box Code [xxxxxx]” where xxxxxx is the code you want to use with Bpost.Bpost leveringsvoorkeuren


Merchant websites: e.g.…

In your saved delivery preferences Enter the preference “Use ParcelHome Box Code [yyyyyy]” where yyyyyy is the code you want to use for this website.

If there is no option for delivery preferences, please type “Code: zzzzzz” after your name in your address preference, where zzzzzz is the code you to use for this website.

Advice on use of codes

To ensure safety of the contents of the box, we recommend that you use a variety of codes for the ParcelHome box and change them occasionally in the box and the website.