Can I install the ParcelHome parcel box myself?

Yes, 60% of our customers choose to install the ParcelHome themselves. We send you the installation manual via e-mail so you have all the information required.

To give you a sense of what it requires, please find a short description below:

ParcelHome ground-anchored:

If the ground is flat and consists of concrete, the ground-anchor can be drilled directly into the concrete. In case of hard soil, we recommend to use the anchor that is provided with the foot and place it approximately 30cm deep into the ground, and then attach the foot to the anchor. In case of really soft soil, the anchor should be used in combination with fast concrete. In any of these three options the ParcelHome 3 will be stable, straight and firmly anchored in the ground.

ParcelHome wall-mounted:

The ParcelHome is mounted on the wall with 4 expansion bolts. There are 4 pre-made holes at the back of the box. Mounting only requires drilling in the wall and a Second person to hold the box in place for you while you drill.


Please find our in-depth installation guidelines here.