What is the right place to install a ParcelHome parcel box?

All kinds of soils and walls are possible, you only need to consider accessibility, light and the size of the surface or wall.


  • The box should usually be visible from the street, so that the couriers can find it quickly.


  • The ParcelHome 3 is charged by solar power. Only the top screen must receive light to make the system work. The box does not need direct sunlight, but must be placed in an area where it can immediately see a significant amount of the sky. If such a place is not available, the box will probably work anyway, but still choose one of the most illuminated areas around your home. As a general rule of thumb, places where plants grow well are good.

Places to avoid

  • Areas where they may obstruct passage on the street
  • Indoor or roofed areas (e.g. inside a shed or an open shed)
  • Places which are often damp
  • Places where moss grows (close to the top part of the box)
  • Places where a lot of leaves fall

Size and type of surface/wall


  • The ParcelHome 3 must be installed on a wall at least 12cm from the ground up to 1m30 high. It will cover a surface of 90cmx50cm wide. There are 4 holes that will be drilled into the wall of +-14 mm diameter and +-7 cm deep.

On foot

  • You need a patch of soil where you can dig. Dense soil is preferred to insert the anchor. In case of soft soil, the anchor should be used in combination with fast concrete. Make sure there are no pipes or electrical cables. Alternatively the box can be drilled on concrete and then there is no need to use the anchor.
Do you have additional questions or do you need support? Please contact support@parcelhome.com.