Guidelines for communicating fixed codes to all carriers

1) Create codes in the myParcelHome app

Go into the app & create codes

Select ‘Handle fixed codes’ in the app and press +. You can choose from 3 types of codes:

  1. Open if empty: can only deliver if the box has been emptied by you before. This means that a person cannot deliver if there is already an item in it.
  2. Always open: can always open, even if someone has previously delivered (recommended)
  3. Open and destroy: code can be used once

Synchronize the generated codes

Go to the box (make sure you’re connected to Bluetooth) and sync the codes by pressing the sync button or the circular arrows in the top right corner. The codes must have a green dot.

2) Inform the carriers

The couriers should know that you want your parcels delivered in your ParcelHome 3. The different carriers offer a form that you only need to fill in once, in which you give your permission. Below you will find the guidelines per courier service.

We recommend using the following message:
Deliver in the ParcelHome parcel box with code xxxxxx


  • Go to your Amazon account
  • Select “Your address”
  • Click on “edit delivery preferences”
  • Select “no preference” and put your message in the “additional info” window

DHL Express

  • Download DHL Express App on your smartphone and follow these steps:
    • Step 1: sign up for an account
    • Step 2: add your address
    • Step 3 : pick “delivery preferences” from the left-hand bar menu
    • Step 4: select your delivery preferences. You have three divisions based on your priorities, which means you can choose where your item will be left if you are not at home.
    • Step 5: the buttons are presently turned off, you must switch them “on” and then select “ Leave in Safe Place”. Then choose “Leave in the ParcelHome box” and enter the code the courier can use to open your box in the description.


  • Download the Hermes app and create an account
  • You will be able to choose a delivery preference once you have a parcel with Hermes.

  • Download the DPD App, create an account and follow these steps:
    • Step1: in order to create your account you must fill in your full name, phone number and email address
    • Step2: fill in your delivery preferences.
    • Step 3: Select “Home” from the drop-down menu below “Name of Address.” Below “add a note to help our driver find your property,” you’ll see a white field. In this section, indicate that you want your parcels delivered in your ParcelHome, as well as the code they’ll need to unlock the box. Add a photo if necessary.
    • Step 4: Preferences: this is the section where you can choose your delivery preferences. Select the section “leave safe” and mention that you would like your parcels delivered in your parcelhome box + mention the code.
    • Step5: Save


  • Download the ParcelForce app
  • Create an account and fill in your details following these steps:
    • Step1 : fill in your account details, first name – last name, email address and your phone number
    • Step 2 : fill in your delivery information.
    • Step3: in the” safe place” section select “other “ and mention under the notes for the delivery driver that you would like your parcels delivered in your ParcelHome + mention the code.

  • Download the power of attorney via this link and fill in
  • Send the completed form to your GLS depot (you can find it for your region on the GLS website) or hand it over to the courier on the next delivery

  • Regarding FedEx, it is best to communicate delivery preferences to the webshop you order from
  • Or call / email FedEx so they can make a note for their courier on the tracking number of your package

  • Download the UPS app, choose your country of delivery and create an account
  • Select your delivery preferences in the left bar menu