Installing and starting the box

Enabling deliveries by courier

For carriers

If you don't have a ParcelHome delivery app or service

  • Review the delivery comments of the address. They will include a code for the ParcelHome box,
  • Type the code into the box and wait for it to open,
  • Deliver and close the door.

if you have a ParcelHome delivery app or service

  • Open the app and select the box,
  • Press the delivery button, the door will open,
  • Deliver into the box and close the door.

If you would like to use our service with an app

Acquiring a ParcelHome 3

Where is the ParcelHome 3 available and where does it work?

The ParcelHome 3 is currently available worldwide. We offer installation in Belgium only currently. For bespoke solutions, please feel free to contact us at

Are there any ongoing costs for the ParcelHome 3?

There are no recurring costs to using the ParcelHome 3, the access to the servers is free.

Owning a ParcelHome 3

How does the ParcelHome 3 open?

With the myParcelhome app available on the Appstore or Playstore.

Can I allow other people to have access to my unit?

You can create personal accounts for other members of your household and manage them as needed. You can also easily give temporary access to other people. Pretty useful if you plan a long holiday!

Parcelhome uses a unique technology of dynamic coding, so that only authorized people can access the box. It’s always secure.

How do I know I have a delivery?

When you arrive in the range of the box and a delivery has occured, you will receive a prompt on your smartphone.

How do I know who opened the ParcelHome 3?

The ParcelHome 3 can only be accessed by entering a valid access code in combination with the use of an authorized mobile phone. You will thus always know who accessed your unit and when. The information is logged and is available to you on your ParcelHome app and website.

When I order online should I mention something particular about the ParcelHome 3?

You need to set-up the ParcelHome 3 for the first time you purchase on a website. Please follow the instructions to this effect.

What if I have multiple deliveries?

If you are a heavy online buyer, you may receive more than one delivery per day. If this is the case, your unit will be configured to receive multiple deliveries. You’ll know who has delivered, and what each delivery person has delivered.

How do I know if it is safe?

ParcelHome uses a unique technology of dynamic coding, so that nobody but you can know the code to open it. The units are weather resistant and made to withstand some vandalism.

How do I report a problem?

With the myparcelhome app you can report a problem and take corresponding pictures. We will assist you within 24 hours. You can also report problems at

Installing a ParcelHome 3

How does the installation by Parcelhome work? What should I do myself?

You can install the ParcelHome 3 by yourself or request installation.

Do we need an authorization to place the box?

As long as you are on private property, no authorization is required from the local authority. On public property you will need to request through the city/town the necessary authorization prior to install the box.

Is the Packbox maintenance-free?

You should maintain your ParcelHome clean and avoid water spillages. After a few years you may need to renew the battery in the ParcelHome 3 for optimal use.

Should I use the ParcelHome 3 as a letterbox?

You can do as you wish. We offer models that include a letterbox flap, which can be blocked if necessary.