Bpost courier delivers in a grey ParcelHome
Our Story

Home delivery is great. But failed deliveries are frustrating and increase traffic and consequently emissions.

In fact, we believe that life in our cities and villages would be very different if we could deliver and return at all times. Our local shops could deliver easily, we could return hassle-free clothes that don’t fit and you could get all your online purchases delivered at the first attempt, without the stress of having to reschedule.

Using simple, tried and tested, secure technology, we can provide a great solution with ParcelHome. Our goal is to make the technology that we have developed available for widespread use in as many countries as possible, working with all major couriers, at the most competitive and attractive cost.



When e-commerce started to grow and more and more carriers started delivering parcels, Gregory thought something could be done about missed deliveries. He founded ParcelHome together with a strong team consisting of experts in the fields of logistics, IT & electronics and outdoor furniture. After very positive feedback from e-tailers, postal networks and carriers, he started raising capital in May 2013.

E-commerce absence card


A panel of judges composed of experienced VCs from Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, each investing in the high growth sectors of areas of Internet, IT, Cleantech, MedTech and Life Sciences voted Greg Mackin and, his team and their company ParcelHome the Winner of the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition for Europe and Israel. This crowned a year of hard work and gave everyone a well-deserved energy boost.

Harvard New Venture Competition

2015 - 2016

With the support of the international carriers DHL Parcel, DPD, GLS, Bpost and PostNL ParcelHome’s ‘smart box’ was launched in Belgium with a pilot project in Mechelen. 100 people participated in the project and used the ParcelHome for one year. The project was a success. The ParcelHome team used participants to improve the new generation of ParcelHome units over the coming year. The success of the project brought with it a great deal of press coverage. It boosted the general awareness of the company in Belgium and consumer interest.

A customer opens the smart letterbox


A new generation of the smart box. The ParcelHome 2, was launched based on the insights of the pilot test. The product’s size, design and user experience were all improved. A select group of early adoptors in Belgium and France had the opportunity to buy it. The first parcel boxes became visible on the streets.

a customer takes a parcel out of a ParcelHome

2018 - 2019

ParcelHome partners with a major box manufacturer, which enables the company to scale up. At the same time, the company invests in its branding and a user-friendly e-commerce platform. Through which, we launched the ParcelHome 3 across various European markets. Besides Belgium, the ParcelHome 3 becomes available in France, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

ParcelHome infobrochure


Based on customer demand, our product range expanded to include a new colour: black. The ParcelHome team also continued to expand to serve the different markets as best as possible. Motivated employees with multilingual skills in areas such as marketing, sales, logistics, and customer support are joining the company.

The CEO with a black ParcelHome


ParcelHome partners with a new installation partner to be able to offer delivery within 24 hours around the whole of the Netherlands and Belgium. At the same time, the company invests in a full new IT backbone to offer best-in-class user experience. in all the countries it serves


ParcelHome launches its partnership deals - exclusive deals for its customers, which leverage the convenience of deliveries directly into the box- and the ParcelHome "Always on" WiFi bridge to control your ParcelHome from anywhere in the world.

Meet the team behind ParcelHome

Head of Finance of ParcelHome

Emmanuel Clement-Wilz


Emmanuel takes care of the finance, logistic and production issues at ParcelHome. Emmanuel is convinced that ParcelHome can radically change the local delivery ecosystem; he can’t wait for all the houses in his street having one.

Fuad Fasihi

Fuad Fasihi

Head of Sales Benelux

Fuad is a Sales marketer who is committed to optimise every step of the customer journey. His passion for mapping the consumer experience can be traced back to his previous experiences in sales at innovative start-ups as well as telecom companies. As an avid traveller, Fuad is happy to receive his parcels at home in Brugge while he is roaming around the world!

the CEO of ParcelHome

Gregory Mackin

Co-Founder, CEO

Greg is a finance and project management expert; he drives the international expansion of ParcelHome and new commercial offerings. Greg will not rest until he gets bakery delivered by drone in his ParcelHome on Sunday mornings – a noble cause.

Janki Joshi

Head of Partnerships

Janki is a business development expert focusing on expanding ParcelHome. As our head of partnerships, she is determined to use her expertise to explore and nurture business relationships and build a network of happy ‘ParcelHomers’. Janki appreciates having all her fashion purchases delivered straight into her ParcelHome and is excited for the whole world to feel the same way.

the Co-Founder of ParcelHome

Jean-Michel Huten

Co-Founder, Head of R&D

Jean-Michel is an IT & Technology specialist and is in charge of coordinating electronics developments and IT developments at ParcelHome. Having built is own house, Jean-Michel is an expert in home automation systems – smart homes rule!!

Oussama El-Ayouchi


Oussama is an expert in technology and electronic development. He aims to provide total satisfaction to our clients by improving the functionality of ParcelHome products. Oussama is relieved that he can receive all his deliveries in his ParcelHome without having to worry about security. It gives him the perfect solution for his peace of mind.

Stallone Ngassa

IT & Field Experience

Stallone is a Computer Scientist and is passionate about all kinds of IT systems. He is obsessed with the idea that systems have to work flawlessly and will do his utmost to make sure that happens. As he travels a lot, he is glad that his ParcelHome is there for him when he is out!