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Never miss a delivery with ParcelHome

The most convenient and secure smart parcel box.


Smart Monitor and control via smartphone.


Simple Never miss deliveries.


Secure 24/7 protection from theft and weather.

Use the myParcelHome app to open your ParcelHome

Keyless access and control from your smartphone

Open your ParcelHome and provide couriers with access codes for pick-ups and deliveries, all from the free ParcelHome app.

A Bpost courier delivers a parcel in a ParcelHome

Compatible with all courier services. Never miss a delivery.

Use the free ParcelHome app to generate access codes to be shared privately with couriers.  All access is controlled and tracked.

With the participation of Couriers x ParcelHome

Open your smart letterbox with the app

The ParcelHome is made to last and secured with our patented access technology.

The ParcelHome is constructed with steel and tempered glass, and securely anchored to the ground or mounted on your wall or fence. You control access from your ParcelHome smartphone app.

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Pre-order now with 10% discount
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Easy to install anywhere. No external power supply or cables required.

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“I am really happy with my smart parcel box. It is a secure system and the couriers make good use of it. If you want to receive your parcels safely and never want to worry again about missed or lost packages, ParcelHome meets your needs!” – Steven Moernaut